A few words from parents and students ...

"Confidence,  security,  respect.  My children learn life-long lessons in a fun, safe and positive environment.   Mr. Jones teaches on a child-friendly level and helps motivate and guide them to be their best.  They like the kicking and punching but they crave the discipline and games that he incorporates in every class.   This is by far the best activity that my children have been blessed to be a part of."

Jill S.

"I never imagined when our daughter wanted to take karate at 8 years old she would earn her black belt three years later.  I also never imagined our 13-year-old daughter would want to join her and  earn her black belt alongside her little sister.  At the time I didn’t have the foresight to realize what an incredible benefit it was for our girls to be part of the family at Conrad Jones Karate.  Mr. Jones is one of the most engaging and gifted instructors I have encountered.  He is concerned with each of his student’s outside interests, character and respect for others, and teaches them so much more than karate.  Our girls are now 21 and 15 and one of our favorite reminders to them when they leave the house is “practice good karate." Conrad and Lani have left an indelible mark on our girls and our family."


"My wife and I love the time our boys have spent in the karate school. They have been surrounded by great role models from Mr. Jones all the way to the young black belts. It is awesome for them to see bright, respectful young men and women that they can emulate. I also think the time they spend there helps reinforce what we teach at home ... manners, respect for others, awareness. We look forward to getting our baby girl in class so she can benefit from it as well!"

Tyson T.

 "Conrad Jones Karate has been an important part of our family's life for the last 9 years. Mr. Jones is a talented martial arts instructor (Sensei) and a fantastic teacher who shares not only his knowledge of karate and practical life skills but also his fun spirit and love of life!!"

Ashley W.

"How can you even begin to quantify the positive impact Conrad and Lani and their karate school has had on our children? Every one of our five has carried the lessons of integrity, hard work and self-discipline with them into the world, and have become better human beings because of it -- of this I am sure. It was a gift to watch Conrad teach. His humor was contagious, and served its purpose: to gently teach and guide the children not only through katas but most importantly, life skills. Conrad's gift is to be able to teach without knowing you're learning, and keeping you wanting to "learn" more. And what can one say about Lani? Only that a sweeter, kinder, more compassionate lady does not exist -- and did I mention patient, with a great (wicked) sense of humor? Together, they make a dynamic couple who have created a school that I hope stays around so I can see my grandchildren receive black belts from Mr. Jones' hands!"

Suzanne S.

"Conrad not only taught my two boys and myself about karate, but most importantly, taught my two boys, and even myself, life lessons that we could use on a daily basis. Always treated us as friends and taught my boys respect. Even helped me move my mom across town one time along with several members of the dojo. Also, in one instance when a stranger approached my boys and threatened them, per Conrad's training, they safely walked away. I do not know if they would have done this otherwise. For all the training provided and friendships made, we will always be thankful and grateful."
Jason W.

"Conrad Jones is a karate instructor without equal. His heart and sense of humor inspire kids to achieve while having fun. In his school, children learn self-discipline and character as well as self-defense. We feel very fortunate that he has been a part of our children's lives."

Art S.

"We took our three kids in to the school and were so impressed! They loved the classes and they learned so much so quickly! They became more respectful and their attitudes improved! He teaches them about awareness and being 'street smart.' This is so important in this day and age! I would recommend this school wholeheartedly!"

Chris C.

"When I walked in the door of the dojo, I knew I was home. Mr. Jones and everyone there made me feel so comfortable! I'd been nervous about trying karate because I'd never done anything like this before. But they immediately made me feel like I was a part of the team. Everybody was so natural and real. If you're looking for a martial arts school where you can learn quickly and feel at ease, Conrad Jones Karate is it!"

Stephanie G.

"My kids never want to leave! I have to drag them out of the school when class is over. They have so much fun! They love it and I do, too! They're learning so much about the important things in life and what they need to know as far as safety and manners. They're focusing more and their grades have improved. Martial arts rocks!"

Danielle J.

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